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Welcome to our new website. We offer lessons for adults and children in the Modern Greek language in Sydney.

We will soon include some online learning for our students through this site. So join our mailing list and keep informed!


Modern Greek is the only European language to have survived since antiquity. Though there are some differences between the ancient language and the Greek that is spoken today, it is still the same language that has evolved from the ancient.

The Greek language and culture has influenced all the western world and Greece itself has been hailed as the "cradle of civilisation". The study of the Modern Greek language will help you understand your own language and grammar, especially English, better. 

It is the language of Medicine, Philosophy and Mathematics. it is useful for people studying Medicine, Archaeology, Philosophy, Architecture, Arts, Theatre, Cultural studies, Science, Mathematics and Engineering. Many latin words come originally come from the Greek. 

Did you kow there are 17,000 words in the Spanish languae directly from Greek?

It is a language that is made up of compound words and many of the prefixes and suffixes in English also come from Greek. Because of this ability to create new words, many academic disciplines use the Greek language to form compound words expressing new concepts.  

It can aid analytical skills for adults and is a great brain work out. For children, especially when they start young enough, learning another language (or other languages) help them become more focased and smarter as new neurons form in their brains as they try to decifer the meaning of what they hear. 

But mostly the Greek language is the heritage of everyone in the Western World. As the English poet Shelley said "We are all Greeks".  Therefore join us and discover more about yourself through learning the language and culture of Greece.

Greek Lessons for Children & Adults

Greek classes are available at Dulwich Hill most afternoons. Taught by qualified teachers.

Contact us to register your interest in a class or ask for  Free Assessment.


Beginners               Monday & Wednesday from 6.30pm

Intermediate          Monday & Wednesday from 6.30pm

Advanced              Tuesdays from 6.30pm

Children                 Tuesdays from 4pm

Private Lessons    By arrangement

Various groups and individual lessons available on SATURDAYS and on weekdays  between 11 to 3pm.



One hour class - $25 to $30
Private lessons from $60 to $75 per hour
Only pay for classes you attend

Free half hour assessment for class placement.


There are 4 different levels with differerent materials and / or course text book for each.

Recommended Text books :   Ellinika Gia Sas A1 Text & Workbook Ελληνικά για σας Α1                                                             (Adult beginners), Modern Greek for Beginners (conversation                                                       class only) Communicate in Greek Vol 1 Bilingual versionText                                                       & 2 workbooks (High School beginners), Τα Λέμε ελληνικά                                                           (intermediate to advanced adults) , Ελληνικά Λέξη λέξη                                                                 (Advanced adults)

All books are available for purchase at class at a discounted price for our students.

Recommended Dictionary:  Oxford - Stavropoulos Pocket Modern Greek / English Dictionary

As well as the text books various other materials and photocopies may be given in class. Children may also use computers and online resources during the lesson under the supervision of their teacher. At times more advanced students may be recommended to buy bilingual or Greek only readers to expand their vocabulary. Students may be tested at regular intervals and their progress is monitored.

At times we also hold Mythology, Poetry, Philosophy and Greek Music classes or lectures. some are free eventsand for others there is a fee. 

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Our courses
How do they work?

We know how busy people can be and the difficulty of paying a lot of money up front only to miss a few lessons and fall behind and then quit the course having lost hundreds of dollars. We make it easier for you. Attend a course you are interested in and only pay when you attend. Catch ups may be available for some classes.  

Most classes go for one hour. If you enrol in intermediate or advanced but need some more catching up you are welcome to attend any beginner's class free of charge as long as you play for one lesson per week. 

Our Beginner (conversation only) class uses the book Read & Speak Greek for Beginners which is bilingual but also includes the transliteration to make it easier to be able to speak straight away. 

No matter whether you want to learn Greek so you can speak with your yiayia, go on a trip to Greece, join an archaeology dig, or understand the inlaws there is a course for you.

Your tutors

We have High School and Primary trained teachers with over 30 years experience as well as a Modern Greek lecturer & Tutor(USYD). We have an experienced teacher & journalist  who runs advanced groups and has expertise in the etymology of lthe Greek language. Whether it is Greek Mythology or Greek Philosophy or language his classes are popular. 

All teachers have a valid Working With Children Certificate. 


Privacy Policy - We will not share or give any of your details to third parties without your express approval. Your name and email will only be used for the purpose of the newsletter or for enrolment. If for any reason you decide to unsubscribe all your details will be deleted.



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